About me

Hi everyone from Max. Welcome to this small space, where I intend to share my experiences, I hope all positive, in P2P Lending and more. I will not give you investment advice, as I am not a financial advisor, but I will show you my strategies, after collecting a lot of information on the web. I will save you a lot of time on exhausting searches. In exchange I don’t ask you for donations or to endure invasive advertising, but only to register with my affiliation codes in order to maintain the site. You will also benefit from it!

My approach to the P2P sector is recent, dating back to the end of May 2019, but in a short time I was able to understand some principles:

  • it won’t make you rich in no time
  • it is very risky but it can give good satisfactions (by now the traditional banks do not give anything anymore and the value of money decreases, corroded by inflation)
  • it is not exactly a passive income, in the sense that it is not enough to invest and reap the benefits after a certain period of time. The conditions change constantly and you have to constantly ask yourself for not having any unpleasant surprises. I recommend that you log in to your accounts one or more times a day. In the analysis of each individual platform you will discover why.
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