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Bondora Go & Grow review

Today I leave you a review of the Go & Grow service of Bondora, the Estonian platform born in 2009. Having a nice track record, it also has a very low probability of bankruptcy. I highly recommend it because it really allows you to invest without hands and without worries. I have been using this feature for almost a year and I feel very comfortable. I don’t like using the Portfolio Manager nor the Portfolio Pro, which are theoretically valid, but also at very high risk, not having the buyback guarantee. As a classic P2P I prefer Peerberry, which allows me to invest in short-term loans and with good returns.

The platform practically fulfills what is promised, 6.75%, with daily interest. The liquidity in this period of Covid-19 continues to be guaranteed, but on one condition: withdrawals go to the intermediate phase of Pending Withdrawals (1) and then to the Account Balance (2), from which they can be moved to your bank account. The accreditation is very fast, it takes place on the day of the request. Withdrawals have a cost of 1 euro which is deducted only once.

Bondora Go & Grow

Paradoxically, it is also an advantage for me, because the money remaining in the pending withdrawals continues to generate interests. I will keep a good part of my investments on Bondora, the general situation is improving and finally glimpses of economic recovery are seen.

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