Crowdestor Equity Campaign

Crowdestor Equity Campaign

On April, 3 2020 Janis Timma, CEO of Crowdestor, announced the equity campaign for his company. On 01/07/2020 phase 4 of the project will be inaugurated, worth 200,000 euros.

But what is the equity campaign? An equity campaign is normally used to invest in a startup. You decide which business you want to invest in, and if the campaign hits its funding target then you will become one of their shareholders. As the company becomes more valuable, so do your shares, allowing you the opportunity to share in the future success of its business.

E-mail from Crowdestor

April 3, 2020

Dear investors,

Amidst turbulence in crowdfunding markets, platforms shutting down and COVID-19 related issues. Yes, these times are challenging for everyone – for investors, businesses, platforms and regulators. But it is also the times that crystallize sustainable and meaningful business models from companies after fast profit and low hanging fruits.

Even at current situation, we see an immense potential in crowdfunding, especially in SME/business crowdfunding which adds value to economy, creates jobs, and brings benefit to society. SMEs are often called as the backbone of the European economy.

We have been working hard on this for the past few months. And without further ado we present you our plan.

In 4-5 years, CROWDESTOR aims to become TOP-3 crowdfunding platform in EU operating in SME/business sector.

To achieve this ambitious plan CROWDESTOR is carrying out such capital intensive investments in automation solutions as implementation of financial data aggregation, OCR technologies, automated scoring and full automation of underwriting processes. It will allow us to make assessment of thousands of companies within minutes, business decisions will be made much faster, the business model of CROWDESTOR will become scalable, investors will have guidelines and clear understanding of our decision making.

Together with strengthening the core team and hiring additional country managers in target countries, CROWDESTOR will be expanding its operations to 5 new EU countries in 2020, and another 5-7 countries in 2021.

It is a 10 billion EUR market for CROWDESTOR to conquer if 1% from the total of 25 million SMEs in Europe is funded with a 40’000 EUR loan. And CROWDESTOR is planning to become the financial bridge between these businesses and our investors.

In order to fully carry out our strategy, we are offering investors to participate in the growth and development of CROWDESTOR by investing in the CROWDESTOR Equity Campaign and becoming one of CROWDESTOR shareholders, with a guaranteed minimum return of 26% per year, potentially multiplying capital x30 during 4-5 years.

Only together crowdfunding works, only together we can build a better CROWDESTOR, only together, we can build a better world. A world where the 25 million SMEs in EU could have a better access to funding, and investors would gain secure and diversified income through meaningful and sustainable business projects.

When the countdown ends, you will have access to our 50-page whitepaper, which in details will outline our business plan and vision.

See you all on 10.04.2020

Best regards,
Janis Timma

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