TFGCrowd review

TFGCrowd is a platform born in 2018, therefore with a still very short track record. I started investing in it about 10 months ago and there has been no default among the 13 projects I have invested in so far. Interests are normally paid at the end of each month, making cash flow attractive to … Read more

Crowdestor projects in the transport and fur sectors

Latest update of Crowdestor projects, delayed like others by the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the statements of the platform regarding the sectors of transports and fur processing company. Project CRP-2563 and Project CRP-2802 Fur Processing Company As a result of Covid-19, fur processing industry has been set on a pause. Due to slowdown of economies, travel … Read more

Crowdestor projects during Covid-19

New updates have just been received on Crowdestor projects concerning the tourism and education sectors. The platform has released the following statements. Tourism: Project CRP-2115 – Sweet Dreams Samloem Resort; Project CRP-2344 – Bounty Resort; Project CRP-1837 – Luxury Yacht Rental Asia was the first region to be seriously affected by Covid-19 and one of … Read more