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Established in 2014 in Estonia, Estateguru now boasts 30,000 investors (it is one of the few European platforms to accept customers from all over the world) and operates mainly in real-estate loans. I started investing in this platform 6 months ago and I can’t complain about its efficiency and seriousness: I made 8 withdrawals and all of them were credited to me in two working days. But I had to wait 5 weeks before they confirmed an investment: it is the grace period granted to the borrower to prepare the necessary documentation. In that case the idle money reserved for the project does not generate any profits. It is essentially for this reason that I am slowly reducing my exposure to Estateguru. However, if you are interested in a conservative investment, with a slightly lower return and risks, then this platform is for you. Even if it does not guarantee the Buyback, the company has always found an effective solution for its investors, who have never lost money: only in the Koru põik project it took 15 months for the recovery of the investment, with an interest reduced to 4.5%.


  • no default loan for me (about 4% of all funded projects)
  • + 1% bonus for some projects, for investments starting from 10000 euros
  • there are always investments available, no cash drag


  • slightly lower return, about 10-11%, starting from 12 months
  • restricted auto-invest features for portfolios under 250 euros (in this case, only the maximum duration can be selected)
  • many projects are full bullet, with total refund in one solution
  • the secondary market is not free (2% fee)
  • interest runs from when the borrower’s documentation is ready (Estateguru grants some weeks as grace period for submission of  the documents, with no interests for investors)

Bonus for new members using my link: + 0.50% on investments made in the first 3 months https://estateguru.co/en/investor-referral/?switch=en&userPromotionCode=EGU78725