My goals by June 2020

For the first half of 2020 I plan to make some changes to my P2P lending portfolio: I will actually reduce the exposure on Estateguru and FastInvest, but I will increase the one on Peerberry and possibly Grupeer. I would also like to include Viventor, which, apart from the past problems with Aforti (LO also present on Mintos), seems a good option to me. And it also has a 4-year track record so far. I will definitely continue my strategy on Crowdestor, Wisefund and TFGCrowd, buying projects with a return starting from 12% and lasting up to 12 months.

This is the situation in January 2020, but it will slowly change as described above.

Platform %
                               Mintos 30,31
     FastInvest      20,21
     Grupeer        15,53
     Estateguru    ↓ 12,94
     Crowdestor    12,12
                              TFGCrowd      3,64
                              Wisefund      2,36
                              Peerberry      1,88
                              Envestio 1,88

Breakdown 06.01.2020

I also plan to increase my investment in Gimme5 and start with ETFs.