Risultati P2P – luglio 2020

Finalmente pubblico le performance di luglio, escludendo Bondora Go & Grow, che rende il 6.7% fisso e paga gli interessi giornalmente. Non ci sono novità in questo senso, il sistema continua a funzionare perfettamente. Estateguru ha continuato a pubblicare nuovi progetti da 12 a 18 mesi con interessi tra il 10 ed il 12%. PeerBerry ... Leggi tutto

P2P results – July 2020

Finally, I’m posting my July P2P performance, apart from Bondora Go & Grow, which makes 6.7% fixed and pays interest daily. There is no news in this sense, the system continued to work perfectly. Estateguru continued to publish new projects for 12 to 18 months with interest rates between 10 and 12%. PeerBerry, stabilized at ... Leggi tutto

Résultats des prêts P2P – juillet 2020

Et voilà enfin les performances de juillet, hors Bondora Go & Grow, fixé à 6,7% et payant ses intérêts quotidiennement. Il n’y a pas de nouvelles en ce sens, le système fonctionne parfaitement. Estateguru a continué à publier de nouveaux projets de 12 à 18 mois avec un intérêt compris entre 10 et 12%. PeerBerry ... Leggi tutto

Resultados P2P – julio de 2020

Finalmente disponibles los rendimientos de julio, excluyendo Bondora Go & Grow, que fija un 6,7% y paga intereses diariamente. No hay novedades en este sentido, el sistema sigue funcionando perfectamente. Estateguru continua publicando nuevos proyectos desde 12 hasta 18 meses con intereses entre el 10 y el 12%. PeerBerry se estabiliza en un 9-10%, prometiendo ... Leggi tutto

Resultados no P2P – julho de 2020

Finalmente publico as performances de julho, excluindo Bondora Go & Grow, que proporciona juros fixos de 6,7%  e paga diariamente. Não há novidades nesse sentido, o sistema continua funcionando perfeitamente. A Estateguru continua publicando novos projetos de 12 a 18 meses com juros entre 10 e 12%. A PeerBerry estabilizou-se com juros em 9-10%, prometendo ... Leggi tutto


P2P lending is not, in my opinion, a “passive income” system where you can deposit your money waiting for interest in a relatively short time. I read nonsense like that on various blogs. On the contrary, we need Preparation (continuous updating on specialized sites), Action (investments) and Control (daily verification, at least I do so … in the end there are my hard-earned savings at stake). The risk of losing your money is high and commensurate with the interest you receive. I point to an average of at least 6% net annually, which is unthinkable leaving the money in a traditional current account or in bank investment funds (where a mere 1.5% gross is taken and the money remains tied / blocked for many months). And since my taxation amounts is 38%, I aim a gross annual profit of 9.7%. At the moment I’m at 12% … not bad, is not it?

The platforms on which I invest, in descending order, are: Mintos, Bondora Go & Grow, Crowdestor, Estateguru, TFGCrowd, PeerBerry, Wisefund, FastInvest.

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