P2P lending is not, in my opinion, a “passive income” system where you can deposit your money waiting for interest in a relatively short time. I read nonsense like that on various blogs. On the contrary, we need Preparation (continuous updating on specialized sites), Action (investments) and Control (daily verification, at least I do so … in the end there are my hard-earned savings at stake). The risk of losing your money is high and commensurate with the interest you receive. I point to an average of at least 6% net annually, which is unthinkable leaving the money in a traditional current account or in bank investment funds (where a mere 1.5% gross is taken and the money remains tied / blocked for many months). And since my taxation amounts is 38%, I aim a gross annual profit of 9.7%. At the moment I’m at 12% … not bad, is not it?

The platforms on which I invest, in descending order, are: Mintos, Grupeer, Crowdestor, Estateguru, FastInvest, TfgCrowd, Wisefund, Peerberry, Envestio.

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