P2P lending results

P2P results January 2020

Third appointment for the month of January 2020. Many things have happened in the meantime and I think to change my strategy again for the next few months. But I’ll write about it later, because I’m on vacation at the moment. I am only publishing an update so as not to get too far behind.

P2P results January 2020

I removed Envestio, since the platform no longer exists. For the record, I inform you that I have lost 300 euros: I will make a complaint to the Estonian police (probably it will not help to recover my money, but at least it will swell the statistics against the company). If you are interested, you can read the details at the following link: Estonian Police.

Crowdestor made up for the gap from the previous month. But it was in the forecasts, since not all projects give interest every month. I explained it in the December 2019 returns article.

Mintos is slightly increasing. IuteCredit is managing to repay Kosovo’s loans, Monego does the same with the 60-day buyback guarantee.

Peerberry has been falling for several overdue loans, but always  pays within 60 days.

TFGCrowd and Wisefund have very few projects underway and are finding it difficult to raise funds, due to investor skepticism. Following the bankruptcy of Kuetzal and Envestio, many platforms were quickly released some  statements to reassure their customers, however there is a certain slowdown. Crowdestor itself takes longer to raise funds for its projects now.

I reluctantly withdrew everything from FastInvest and will never invest in it again until they change their policy and become more transparent.

I started investing in Bondora Go&Grow: it represents for me a piggy bank where I can park small sums that I don’t need shortly. The yield of 6.75% is not exceptional and only 4% net remains for me. But it’s  better than leaving money in a bank account, at zero interest. In addition, the platform now has a certain seniority and I have already tested the withdrawals, which take place in one working day. However, I will soon explain my reasons in the platform review.

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