Fastinvest review

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The Lithuanian platform, born in 2015, allows today to invest in loans in the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Russia, Iceland and Denmark. It has over 30,000 investors from 55 different countries. Despite the many doubts raised by several bloggers, I feel completely satisfied until now: the “buyback” works perfectly, as does the “autoinvest” function. The … Read more Fastinvest review

The best peer-to-peer lending platforms

Many novice investors will wonder: but where do I start? Are there more reliable platforms than others? If I had some money to invest, in which companies would I try? Well, a survey of 15 well-known European bloggers in the sector gave the following results: Platform Votes Rate (%) Mintos 15 100 Grupeer 10 67 … Read more The best peer-to-peer lending platforms