P2P results – February 2020

Risultati P2P lending

February also brings good results, in those platforms in which I continue to invest, after the disappearance of Envestio and Kuetzal. Crowdestor’s performance is distorted by the lack of interests on 22/59 projects. I expect a great recovery in March, as happened in January. I keep depositing on: Bondora Go&Grow, which I treat as a … Read more P2P results – February 2020

Wisefund review

Logo Wisefund

Wisefund is a recent Estonian platform with high expectations, appealing interest rates and medium-term projects. Established in March 2019, it now boasts around 2000 investors from EEA countries and Switzerland. I started investing in September 2019 and all 11 ongoing projects are punctual in payments. It has no auto-invest or secondary market, but it is … Read more Wisefund review