TFGCrowd review

TFGCrowd is a platform born in 2018, therefore with a still very short track record. I started investing in it about 10 months ago and there has been no default among the 13 projects I have invested in so far. Interests are normally paid at the end of each month, making cash flow attractive to … Read more

PeerBerry review

PeerBerry is one of the many young Latvian P2P lending platforms based in Riga, but for me it has peculiar characteristics that distinguish it from all the others. Its loans come from over 20 LOs operating in 8 Eastern European countries, 80% of which belong to the Aventus Group, 15% to Gofingo and 5% to … Read more

Wisefund review

Wisefund is a recent Estonian platform with high expectations, appealing interest rates and medium-term projects. Established in March 2019, it now boasts around 2000 investors from EEA countries and Switzerland. I started investing in September 2019 and all 11 ongoing projects are punctual in payments. It has no auto-invest or secondary market, but it is … Read more